Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heaven is for Real -a 4 year old told me so

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to go to heaven? Consider whether or not so many of these near death experiences are true? Hear about a book written by someone who has been there?

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, is yet another one of those books. The main difference with this one, though, is that it is told from the perspective of a four year old. Incredibly innocent, supremely simple, horribly honest, this book is difficult to disbelieve. I wonder about some of the wording, and ponder whether the poor pipsqueak partied in paradise or just had a vivacious vision of visitation. But that does not prevent me from appreciating the book. Above all, it reminds the reader that yes, Nevada, heaven is for real.

The book is primarily the story of a pastor and his family going through an incredibly difficult period. Said period includes breast cancer, broken bones, horrible flu, and climaxes with an emergency appendectomy. An interesting enough story in its own right, but this part of the book is over half of the pages jammed within the bright yellow cover. A cover by which you should not judge the book.

The exciting part of the book occurs when the story shifts from family disaster to redemption. It turns out that in the midst of the confusion and chaos caused by Colton’s condition, Jesus is there. Colton visit’s heaven, does homework, meets Jesus, his Dad, his horse, and the Holy Spirit (along with some previously unknown family), talks with God, yada yada yada. I only yada here to not spoil the surprise. In fact, if the book sounds interesting, go buy or borrow it now before reading any other reviews. You see, the best parts of the book are in the (p)reviews. Sort of like the most recent shallow comedy you have seen. I know you watch them.

Ultimately, this hopeful book is far from a triumph of the written word. It is, an encouraging account of life beyond death. You will tear up upon reading it (you better, because I did). You will be encouraged that this God thing is for real. But above all, you will wish there was more. It is absolutely worth a read. The short length of it is perfect for a single evening beside the stove with a hot coco. If the book were longer or was less about the family vacation, it would get 5 stars. It is neither. Here are four slightly-used stars for you, Colton and crew.

This review, as with most, was conditional. I received the book for the price of reviewing it. It did not have to be a good review. I would like to note, however, that this is the first book to gain the coveted 4th star from my booksneeze account. Thanks Thomas Nelson for the freebie. If you have read this far, and would like a copy of the book . . . buy your own! (just kidding, maybe it will show up in a family book exchange or something). Or, you could just submit a comment requesting it and see what happens.