Monday, January 14, 2008

I don't understand you but I WILL trust you

Catching up on some friends' xanga sites the other day, I noticed my sister's recent update.  I use the term recent loosely, as my second most recent post was well over a year ago.  She said something to the effect of I don't understand why God does what He wills, but I will trust God through it all.  That statement has more profundity in it than I could ever hope to contrive through my own efforts.

How many times have people thought they understood God?  To believe one fully understands God is to do two things.  First, it is to claim superiority over God.  In essence, if a person says  "I fully understand the being who created everything".  They are claiming that God is servant to their preconceptions and understandings of God's work.  

Secondly, the person who claims to truly understand God sets themselves up as an idol.  We will worship something, that is a fact.  If we claim superiority over God, we will worship a more fit, more powerful being . . . ourselves.  

If nothing else, that image of an understood, subject-to-my-interpretation God is vastly inferior to the person who created everything in the universe.  A person who worships a God they fully understand worships their God-in-a-box.  Much like a jack-in-the-box, this cramped God who always works within the boundaries we put on Him is little more than a distraction, a figment of our imagination.

The one true God is infinite, cannot be understood fully (though we can know some objective things about God), and loving.  We must meet him on His terms.  I hope this blog will help you do that.

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