Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a distant memory

I had something insightful, catchy, memorable, and/or amusing to write.  But then I forgot what it was.  I guess it wasn't memorable.  here are some brief observations worth mulling over, though.

1)  what does it mean to mull over something?

2)  why is it that Christians are held to higher scientific standards than scientists are?
i.e.  Scientists can just assume that the big bang happened w/o explaining how it got there but Christians cannot just assume that God existed.

3)  I burned my forehead on my muffler the other day.  Now the kids make fun of me and think I tried to pop a zit.

4)  A girl once asked her dad if Jesus died on the cross so we wouldn't have to die, why did mommy die?  Her dad's response was in the car on the way to the funeral:  You see that big truck over there?  Yes.  Do you see it's shadow?  yes.  If you had to be run over by the truck, would you rather be hit by the real truck or its shadow?  Jesus died on the cross so we only have to experience the shadow of death rather than the full eternal force our lives merit.

5)  that illustration just communicated more truth than my entire theology course has this semester, I think.

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