Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's so special about Trinity?

Listening to Stuart McAllister today, i realized the most significant aspect of God's trinitarian nature. The Bible doesn't say that others will know we are Christians because we subscribe to a set of doctrines, but because of our love. There's the kicker. Love.

The trinity is the perfect loving relationship. In it, the persons of God always work together in self-effacing love. At any given moment, the Father, Son, or Spirit might be prominent, but they all work together and serve each other. Love seeks a counterpart.

Allah is a God of power, but cannot love because he is a distant singularity, or single entity. "He is an ontology of power." In other words, he has nobody else to love. The Father, Son, and Spirit have always been. They have always been in relationship. They have always loved. And because we are made in their image, we too can love.

They will know we are Christians because we are like God.




pouring ourselves out for others

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