Monday, June 9, 2008

Drawing near

As i was practicing my daily prayer at the sacred space website, I had a possible profundity pop into my prefrontal lobe (nice alliteration). We sing songs about Jesus drawing near. I know I have an image of prayer in my head where Jesus comes to me and listens when I prayer. I wonder how accurate such an image is.

Maybe when we pray and feel the presence of God, we are being drawn to Him. The picture of Jesus with a lasso pulling us to him when we ask Jesus to draw near comes into my mind.

Maybe Jesus drawing near and feeling his presence is a matter of us dropping our own pretexts and allowing ourselves to experience God's omnipresence.

Maybe Jesus can't draw any more near because he dwells in us.

Maybe we are drawn to him.

Maybe heaven is closer than we think.

In the movie Constantine, Hell is a horrible shadow that reflects the realities of earth. It has the same streets and buildings and trees, only they are dead and firey. In that movie, earth is just a shell covering the reality of hell underneath. a pessimistic view of creation if ever there was one. Maybe the idea is right, but the focus is wrong. What if earth is a shell of the heavenly reality (a la Plato)? What do you think?

p.s. more israel photos pretty soon, not sure when.

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