Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekly Musings

Here is my goal for future posting: 3 posts per week. One on whatever book I am reading (currently The Blue Parakeet). One on random musings. One of pictures from Israel. I doubt I will be able to keep a pace like this, but it is good to have tangible goals I hear.

1) What about those people who went to Jesus but didn't get healed? I am sure there must have been some in the masses. Why didn't they get healed? Was it their fault? His? I have a theory on this, but I won't share it yet.

2) Why hasn't McCain been advertising more. i know more about him through Obama commercials than his own mouth (which is probably a biased source). unfortunately, I will miss the debate tonight. Here is my prediction: Obama will focus on how communal he is, McCain will focus on his policy differences.

3) The kingdom of God is like a secret ninja network. It starts small and weaves its way through the fabric of society, changing everything it encounters. At the appointed time . . . BAM!! ninja frenzy! Kind of like leaven. Or a virus. Is the kingdom of God viral?

4) If you donate an organ to someone, who gets it in the afterlife?

1 comment:

  1. 1) Woah. Way to hard to explain in written form. Unless I'm paying $20K a year for someone to tell me my theory is wrong and the hours I spent on that 30 page paper was useless....so I'll have to talk to you about it some other time.

    2) Probably cause McCain feels he's already won Nevada, or lost it, so he doesn't need to spend the money to advertise here. Or the time to visit, so he cancelled the week before he was scheduled. Obama has to work harder for this state, so he is...

    3) The kindom of God is exactly how He wants it to be. Parasitic, viral, weeds, oak trees, whatever it takes, He always gets his man...

    4) You share it. The origional owner gets it weekends and holidays (you did give it up after all) and the new owner gets it the rest of the time....yeah?