Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-election prayer

Now that Obama has won the election, will Christians pray? How will they pray? My assumption is that the vast majority of evangelicals will pray prayers of mercy for "god's country", view the election as a disciplinary action from God, and hope that something radical happens.

But will we pray for Obama?

What would Jesus do here? Pray that some unfortunate incident befall our president elect? That recounts change the result? Of course not. Even if Obama was Jesus' worst enemy (which I doubt), Jesus would love him and pray for him. Not for his policies, failure, etc, but for the person.

We are all for praying for our presidents . . .

. . . when they are white evangelicals who say the right things about abortion, Israel, and taxes.

Will we be praying for Obama, his family, wisdom, and decisions?

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