Thursday, December 11, 2008

Out of Office . . . OOO

Well, I'm going to be out of my virtual offfice the rest of this week and next. I will be spending my time in my real office on my real computer really editing our video greeting card. I plan to be frustrated often and lonely as well. Stop by for a visit or to learn something about video editing.

Soon I will have my latest advanced review (though the book is already out), a final foto friday in Israel, and some more personal blogs since I am officially finished with this semester. Stay tuned, or urled, or whatever.

I leave you with this: Consider Tolstoy. He was part of the Russian elite right before the Communist Revolution. He was one of the wealthiest people in a land where the disparity between wealth and poverty had never been greater. Upon reading the story of the rich young ruler, he literally sold everything and gave it to the poor. He seems to have been an incredible follower of Jesus. Yet, he found no fulfillment. He beat his wife and son daily, found out that he had the same hole in his life he had while rich, lived on an incredibly meager sum, and considered his life useless.

Maybe doing things Jesus says to do is not enough. Maybe we are really in need for a great act of God breaking into our hearts, lives, world to transform us. Maybe we need this season of advent because doing things doesn't bring us closer to God unless we are doing it as subjects of his Kingdom, obeying our Lord.

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