Friday, April 10, 2009


At what point did Christians start euphamizing the gospel? Is it still good news when it is wattered down and made socially acceptable?

I ask because honestly, the language throughout the Bible is far from the poetry in motion the King James makes it out to be. New translations are even worse (youtube pisseth against a wall while your at it). Jesus had harsh things to say. Paul had even harsher things to say, but we get so caught up in making the Bible palpable that we don't allow it to speak prophetically into our broken lives. The same man who said "let the children come" said "you brood of vipers". The man who wrote "if anything is praiseworthy, think of these things" wrote (in the same letter) "I consider everything Skubalon compared to knowing Christ. Skubalon is the greek word to describe the most socially unacceptable version of "feces". It's quite literally the S word in both languages. We translate such a descriptive, vile word to "garbage". Biblically, filthy rags of righteousness are menstrual cloths.

Thinking on these things begs to ask the question, are we ashamed of the gospel in all its vividness? Do we ride the human story through the highs and lows like a roller coaster traveling at breakneck speed?

Do we tell the truth, or make it attractive?

Can we tell truth without becoming sensational for the sake of shock value?

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