Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cost of Winning

Do we ever consider what winning costs us? In the wonderful capitalist society of these united states, winning is a way of life. By allowing the market to decide, we effectually pick winners and losers at life. Those who make money win. Those who do not, lose.

but it moves beyond that.

When winning becomes the frame of reference for all life, others become competition, no longer humans. We perpetuate the lie that there isn’t enough for everyone and play the game of domination. On a micro level, we refuse to help co-workers because they might get our promotion. We obliterate the dignity of our spouses for the sake of winning the argument. On a macro level, we promote American superiority, force our way of life on other people groups, suggest our politicians stop giving money to other nations, and then blame corporations for our personal plight. All while we continue to join in the competition that started it all. In many ways, this has become the new American experiment.

And then there’s Jesus.



What if, in stead of lambasting gays and those who have abortions, we counted the cost of winning. Is it worth the effort? Where would winning the legal argument take us? Is winning the legal action worth losing the relationship? Questions most Christians haven’t answered, and questions that need to be thoughtfully considered.