Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Then Sings My Soul Review

My most recent review for the booksneeze program (I get a copy in exchange for an honest review, doesn’t have to be good), is regarding a little book I, and the author, like to call “Then Sings My Soul”. That author would be Robert Morgan.

This fairly brief book is a collection of brief bios of some of your favorite songs. Want to know more about “it is well”? It’s there. In fact, the book tells the story of 150 different hymns. As a vineyardian, many of the songs I knew nothing about. Thankfully, most of the biggies are found within the cover of the book. Knowing the background of the song makes the lyrics themselves so much deeper in most cases.

Definitely worth a read, and a great resource for worship pastors, fans of hymns, or a reasonable devotional for the cool cat who won’t stop scatting along with “Ein Fest Burg est Unser Gott” (a mighty fortress is our God). A bio of the author is included with the song, a good index in the back to search by song, bible verses, devotional prayers, and lyrics are also included with each song.

If the book sounds like you would like to read it, you will. If it sounds dreadfully boring, pick up a copy of the Hunger Games series.

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