Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get the intellectual abs of Chesterton without the work!

As part of my own personal full disclosure today, I thought I might mention to you that this post is unofficially sponsored by booksneeze. I hope some time soon to create a separate blog for just my booksneeze reviews, with an amazing title, but not today. Today I will briefly review “The Quotable Chesterton”.

G.K. Chesterton is one of those names Christians like to throw out as if we’ve actually read his books. Realistically, though, he was far too witty, intelligent, and sardonic for our palates. Instead, we need something accessible. Something with just enough content to be profound, just enough sarcasm to be scathing, and just enough wittiness to be unforgettable. “The Quotable Chesterton” is what you need.

Want to have something brilliant to add at you next family Dinner? Tired of being beaten with the wits of your aunts and uncles (you know who I’m talking about)? Grab this book, pick 5 quick quips, arm yourself, and steer the conversation towards those topics. The topics are unfathomably numerous (yes, the letter “Z” has an entry). Virtually any conversation can benefit from your quoting of Chesterton. you, too, can be your own intellectual savant.

Consider saving some of the best corollaries for common conversation. Be just funny enough to get laughs out of the intelligent bunch in the room, but too smart for the average listener. That’s what works best if you desire the Frasier Crane effect.

For late night parties, simply look up the quotes under “cheese”. Bound to receive a laugh or two.

Hundreds of quotes, dozens of topics, differing lengths, all organized alphabetically by topic. Great for creating sermons, or enlightening yourself. All without the hassel of actually reading the content. Spark notes for one of the most well-respected writers of this century. My only beef with the book: too many references to authors and thinkers of years past. Also, not much of a “front to back” read-through. I prefer the random page approach myself.

I received this book for free, so long as I reviewed it (it didn’t have to be positive, and i’m not sure if this review is positive or negative). i will be reviewing it over and over for myself. heck, it even caused me to order a chesterton book through the library. 5 stars.

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