Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If He can use a schmuck like Abram . . . (beginnings)

Since my beloved fountain pen is back, and working in nearly tip top shape (still drying out quickly when not used), I have been writing out Genesis once again.  After working through the prologue/episode 1, we move on to the next story, God's selection of Abram.  The Bible never says anything about why Abram was chosen, other than that he was listening.  In fact, after his first success (going when God said to), Abram royally screws up, but gets a benefit out of it.

Living in the promised land, Abram sets up an altar to the Lord.  Pretty soon a drought comes along, and Abram relies on his own wits.  He moves to Egypt (where the adversity with Egypt starts).  Realize that this book, if recorded by Moses, was written shortly after the Exodus, probably in the middle of the desert.  Abram lies, Egypt gets a plague (foreshadowing much?), Egypt repents, and Abram leaves, wealthier than he came.  This passage messes with me.  Why was Abram blessed for turning his life inward, focusing on his own safety (both in the famine and in Egypt)?  

"God showers blessings on the righteous and the wicked . . . I only know that that covers, covers me".  - Stavesacre.

If God can use Abram, I have hope that he can use me, too.  

P.S.  sorry about the quality of this post, it is really kind of a segway post to the next one (probably tomorrow), that was interrupted by a staff meeting.

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