Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Volunteer like a Pro (review)

So I got lucky and got a group of youthspecialties books to review recently. They don't normally prescreen youthspecialties stuff. As always, thanks to Zondervan. The first book I read is How to Volunteer Like a Pro: An Amateur's Guide for Working with Teenagers. Here is my brief review:

I got to do an advanced reader copy of this book out of some luck. I have a degree in youth ministry, and was reading it from the perspective of "would I give this book to my volunteers". The short answer is "no."

I would not give this one out to the volunteers I currently have because they already know all this information. However, if I were in the process of recruiting volunteers, especially those who don't think they are good enough to work with students, I would strongly recommend this book.

It is basically a very brief overview of how to love students. The chapters are incredibly short (sometimes in a good way, sometimes not). They cover all the basics, with an emphasis on building relationships and how to do that in practical ways.

I give this four out of five for new recruits. I doubt it would be very useful to anybody else.

p.s. I had to update my podcast site or get it deleted so I put up an old teaching on the trinity I did for youth group if interested.

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