Friday, January 30, 2009

The quest for the historical Jesus

This is one of my favorite series of videos. Done by a church that did a 4 week series on how we misperceive Jesus.

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  1. The search for 'Historical ' is made impossible by the very nature of the search… and the biased assumptions of the searchers. They don't search for the historical Jew, but, rather, for some early evidence of the trueness of their own ("it's right because I believe it") Roman-Hellenist (= idolatrous), antinomian (i.e., misojudaic) Christian .

    Evidence which contradicts the Christian image, rather than contributing to constructing the true picture of the historical Jew, is contemptuously dismissed as wrong. The Ya•a•qov′ Ossuary (that belongs to the Talpiot tomb; the tomb of Ribi Yehoshua (the Messiah)) is an excellent example of the most authoritative scientists in the world corroborating its authenticity in the face of Christian-sympathizing archeologists (including secular-misojudic Jews) fueling Christian traditions with disinformation that even the courts have thrown out as pseudo-scholar drivel.

    This is proven in the very name of the search… for 'Historical '—an intractable oxymoron!
    Every legitimate historian and scholar knows full well that
    "Jesus" isn't even the Greek name (Ιησους), much less the original Hebrew name of the 1st-century Jew. [le-havdil [to differentiate] Jesus, a Hellenized, intrinsically idolatrous, post-135 C.E. name of a Roman-counterfeited image based on Paul the Apostate (a Hellenist Turkish-Jew).

    Our Khav•rut′ â [Distance study] books document that the earliest extant source texts for both the LXX and the NT are the codices א and β. All of these Christian sources are acknowledged even by Christian sources (e.g., The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible) to be extensively redacted by the earliest—post-135 C.E.—gentile Hellenist Roman Christians. When a Christian reads the NT (s)he isn't reading anything that would be even remotely recognizable to 1st-century Pәrush•i′ Yәhud•im′ .

    One can begin to glimmer that searching for the "Historical " is an oxymoron that locks in the intractably mutually exclusive Hellenist Christian image, with its preconceived contra-Judaic ideas and doctrines, while locking the searcher out from discovering the historical Jew.

    Le-havdil, the historical J*esus is an oxymoron. The historical person was named le-havdil (to differentiate) Ribi Yehoshua. This is not the same person as the Christian Jesus.

    Educate yourselves at . Paqid Yirmeyahu ha-Tzadiqs (Yirmeyahu Ben David) research is based on archaeology, logic and other evidence – no foundless assumptions!

    We demonstrate in our website why the only way to follow Ribi Yehoshua is becoming one of the Netzarim in Ra’anana in Israel.

    Finding the historical Jew (Ribi Yehoshua (the Messiah) from Natzrat (Nazareth), who was a Pharisee Ribi (see, brings, for the first time in your life, his *true* formula for profound meaning, inner happiness and purpose in your life.

    /Anders Branderud