Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Bought A Pen and I Liked It

For some odd reason I have katy pery's song stuck in my head. One of those random synapse connections that occurs in my mind I suppose.

"And now for something completely different": I have been using my Waterman Phileas pen exclusively for the past week or so (except the occasional jot or tiddle). It was an indirect Christmas gift, and an excellent choice on my part :). Thanks John, Susan, Bill and Sara for the amazon gift cards that went toward the pen.

I chose a pen on Scot McKnight's recommendation, for environmental reasons as much as any other. I have plenty of unread books on my shelf and I get more every day. I don't need any more movies or games. So I chose this pen. Sure it's a little gawdy (I've never been a fan of fancy looking pens, just fancy feeling ones). But it has opened a whole new world of writing up to me. If you suffer from writers cramps, get a fountain pen. Rather than scratching the words on the paper, you get to paint them. I am looking forward to growing my collection, especially with writing instruments that aren't quite so pretentious (next acquisition: a Lamy Safari).

What is your favorite pen?

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