Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adam and his wife

As a result of the youthspecialties oneday conference I attended this past weekend, I have decided to write a transcript of the book of Genesis. Writing it out by hand causes me to slow down and think about the story more than my speed reading does. Instead of trying to cover as much ground as possible, I am trying to get the story right.

As I was writing gen 3 today, I noticed something I hadn't noticed before, at least I hadn't thought of. Adam was named long before Eve was. In fact, Adam was named at his inception, while Eve was not named until after the fall. Here are my two theories on why:

1) Adam and eve were considered one before the fall. Adam's namesake implied all humanity wrapped up in him and his relationship with Eve. They were so inseparably close that calling them different organisms would simply be inadequate.

2) Giving a name to something implies a form of control over that thing. Before the fall, Adam and eve were perfectly complementary. There was no need for Adam to name her, because they were equal. The consequence of the fall was a propensity for desiring dominion over each other. As a result, Adam begins this practice by naming Eve. While it appears harmless, even this act was the beginning of sinful separation between man and wife.

3) Adam was a procrastinator.

What do you think?

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