Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scariest two words I know

I try to refrain from political banter on this site, since so many people are so much better prepared. Why say something if someone else says it better? Of course, I say a lot about biblical studies, and people say better things all the time . . . I do feel like I'm a little more in my league in that area, though.

President Obama has been using a phrase that scares me to death. "Only Government" this was his excuse for spending a trillion dollars, as if Americans aren't able to spend that much. If Americans stopped eating Ice Cream for a year and instead gave that money to feed the hungry, there would be no hungry people left. Full disclosure: I have a carton of ice cream in my freezer right now.

Now it's only government that can decide the ethics of research. For whatever reason, only government can decide that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or, embryos can be sacrificed to the gods of progress. Wherever you fall on the issue (I simply don't like my money being spent on something that has not shown significant progress, let alone the ethical ramifications . . . which is why I buy stocks of well run companies, not fanciful idealistic ones), the fact is that only the people can decide on what the government does.

Ultimately, we should be chanting, "only the people" rather than "only government". Or have I lost my way?

Full disclosure: I am also an american who is generally proud of his country and the self-balancing system originally intended by the founding fathers, even though the electoral college is a mess.

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